Sending Deepest Smypathies with Gift Baskets

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Should I send flowers or a gift basket for an expression of sympathy?

Sending Deepest Smypathies with Gift Baskets

When people are facing a great loss, they tend to not focus on themselves. Eating a good meal and nourishing the body is very important in times of stress. When you choose to send a sympathy basket, you're not only expressing your concern, you're also helping to allow the recipients to get some nourishment without the hassle of preparing a meal. Flowers are a nice gesture, but you can be sure a gift basket will make a more meaningful impression. Sympathy baskets should contain items that can be shared amongst the family. Here are some examples of such items: fruit, cheeses, crackers, nuts, gourmet flavored iced teas, cookies, seasoned pretzels with a gourmet honey mustard dipping sauce. Remember, it is not reccommended that wine or any other alcohol be included in a sympathy basket!



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