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What kind of gifts should I buy a new or expectant mom?

Baby Shower Gift Basket

Are you in need of a great shower gift? Gift baskets make wonderful presents for expectant women. You can choose to pamper the mommy-to-be by giving her lotions, candles, and gift certificates to a local restaurant or spa. She'll really enjoy those after the baby has arrived, and the chaos in her life has settled down somewhat. New moms love pouring over all of the new baby stuff they've received, so give her a gift basket filled with tiny t-shirts, hats, and socks, baby linens, soaps, and other accessories. Diaper gift baskets are also thoughtful gifts, and you can even use a diaper bag as a practical gift container. A mom can never have too many diapers! Fill your gift basket with a few cloth diapers, a package of disposable diapers, some diaper ointment, a couple of packages of wipes, and some baby lotion. Finally, pamper the new mom-to-be by filling a gift basket with some beautiful pajamas, a comfy robe, and soft slippers that she can wear once she's delivered her baby.

What kind of spa gift certificates should I purchase?

Spa Gift Baskets for Women

Spa gift baskets make the perfect gift for all the women in your life. Your best friend, sister, mother, wife, or next door neighbor will be sure to appreciate a wonderful visit to a spa, along with all of the gifts you've placed in a gift basket. Fill Spa Gift Baskets with bath accessories, such as bath salts, aromatic candles, bath pillow, scented soap, and lotions. Then, place a one or several gift certificates to a local spa in the gift basket. You could also add individual gift certificates for a massage, pedicure, manicure, and facial.

How can I make a great gift basket for my mom for Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day Gift Basket

Show your mother how much you love and appreciate her with a treat filled gift basket. Cater to the love in your life with a specially made woman gift basket. After all, she is one of the most important women in your life! Of course, your mom will be pleased with whatever you give to her. Pamper her with a gift basket filled with her favorite things, such as flavored coffees and teas, a delicate cup and saucer, some delicious tea cakes, and a scented candle. Aromatic gift baskets can include aromatherapy lotions, bath salts, bath gels, soaps, body sprays, and candles. If you aren't sure what scent your mom loves, you can't go wrong with vanilla. Place vanilla candles, bath beads, and lotions into a lovely basket. For an added bonus, place a few embroidered hand towels and washcloths into the gift basket.

What is a great Valentine’s Day gift?

Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Valentine's Day gift baskets are the perfect gift for any woman at Valentine's Day. If you're not feeling very creative, you can go online and order a custom made gift basket for your sweetheart. If you need a little help ordering one, begin with a lovely basket in plain wicker, white, pink, or red. You can fill your basket with wonderful chocolates, such as Ghirardelli or Godiva. If your significant other loves cookies, why not have a cookie designed especially for her? Cookie cakes are also an option. While real flowers always make wonderful gifts, you can also add a chocolate rose bouquet to the gift basket. These roses come in many colors, including pink, red, or white, and they're both beautiful and delicious! Of course, jewelry is always an option. You could place a small jewelry box in the center of your basket, and top your basket with a lovely bow.

What items would work well in a wedding gift basket?

Wedding Gift Baskets for Women

Women love gift baskets, and what better way to congratulate a woman on her wedding than with a gift basket filled with all kinds of presents. Wedding Gift Baskets offer friends and family the opportunity to give numerous, thoughtful gifts. If you need a wedding gift, you can order a basket online or check out a local bridal gift shop. Some wedding gift baskets focus on particular themes, such as linens, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, or lingerie. If you choose to fill a wedding gift basket with kitchen items, then you might want to skip the wicker basket and arrange your gifts in a large mixing bowl. For a linen themed gift basket, you can use a large wicker laundry basket, instead. An elegant, hat box makes a perfect gift basket for lingerie items.

What can I give the women in my life for Christmas?

Christmas Gift Basket for Her

Try to make the gift baskets as personal as possible by focusing on the interests of your women friends and relatives. If your mom loves to knit or crochet, then fill a Christmas gift basket with skeins of beautiful yarn in a variety of textures, and place a few pattern books into the basket, too. For a favorite aunt who loves music, why not fill her gift basket with compact discs by her favorite musicians? For an added bonus, throw in some tickets to a local concert or two. For the grandmother who loves to cook, create a gift basket that's sure to inspire her culinary skills. Add exotic spices, seasoned oils, and a variety of bread and muffin mixes. Give your hard-to-please daughter a gift basket full of lip glosses, fingernail polishes, eye shadows, hair bows, and lotions.

My friend recently got promoted, what kind of gift should I give to her?

Congratulations Gift Basket

Do you have a woman friend who has just snapped up that promotion, found a new job, or excelled at a specific project? If so, you'll want to congratulate her success, and you can do so with a gift basket. You'll want to design your basket to echo her success. If she has just received a new promotion or recently started a new job, then fill a wicker or wire basket, large pottery bowl, or hand-crafted wooden box with items, such as a silver letter opener, engraved name plate, business card holder, leather embossed day planner, and personalized business cards. If she recently completed a big project, congratulate her with a basket filled with edible treats, such as chocolates, toffees, herbal teas, and a gift certificate to a local restaurant or spa. A delicious fruit basket is a great choice for any occasion, too!

How can I show my appreciation to my child’s teacher?

Teachers' Gift Baskets

Your child's teacher gives so much of her time to the children in her classroom. Why not give a little back to her? Giving your child's teacher a gift basket is a wonderful way to show her how much she is appreciated. Teachers have to buy many of their classroom supplies with their own money, so filling a gift basket with school supplies is a perfect gift idea. Gift basket items might include pencils, paper clips, highlighters, red pens, dry erase markers, staples, tape, construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, rulers, and loose leaf or computer paper. Most teachers also love food, so satisfy their cravings with sweet and spicy treats, such as candies, dried fruits and nuts. Encourage your child's teacher to take a break at the end of the day by filling a gift basket with flavored coffees or herbal teas, a personalized mug, and some after dinner mints. Finally, go ahead and give the teacher an apple, and add a gift certificate to a local restaurant, too!

What can I buy my wife for our anniversary?

Anniversary Gift Basket

Since husbands often struggle with what to buy their wives for an anniversary present, a gift basket makes a perfect choice! You can fill Anniversary Gift Baskets with chocolates, and add some dried fruits, nuts, and her favorite flavored coffee. Head to the department store to purchase her special perfume, or search out a unique piece of jewelry that says you love her even more today. You can also place a few gift certificates in the anniversary gift basket, including certificates to a local spa, restaurant, gift shop, or salon. Finally, add some beautiful roses, tulips, or daisies to the gift basket, and she'll remember this anniversary gift forever!

What are some great women’s gift basket ideas?

Women's Birthday Gift Baskets

Gift baskets for women are great for all of the ladies in your life. Fill your best friend's gift basket with a gift certificate for a massage, along with some lotions and body spray. For your mom's birthday, give her some flavored coffees and teas, some tea biscuits, a few cinnamon sticks, and her favorite scented candle. For a co-worker's birthday, fill a gift basket with some edible treats, like chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, dried fruits and nuts, and add a gift certificate to her favorite local restaurant. Give your sister a gift basket loaded with home fragrance sprays and candles, and top it off with a gift certificate for the two of you to go see a new movie or play that's just come to town.

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