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What type of foods work well in a food gift basket for people with special needs diets?

Special Diet Gift Baskets

Sugar-free and no sugar added gift baskets make the perfect gift basket alternatives for friends and relatives who are on special diets. Choose foods that are considered healthy alternatives, such as all natural berry spreads and preserves, nuts, and fresh fruits. Pasta gift baskets can also be healthy if they offer whole wheat pastas and fat-free pasta sauces. Fresh vegetables and veggie dips are also good choices for special diet or diabetic gift baskets. Finally, add a few packets of herbal teas to the gift basket for a great gift to anyone.

What type of healthy foods can be placed in a gift basket?

Healthy Gift Basket

Encourage healthy eating for your friends and relatives with a gift basket filled with an assortment of healthy foods. Choose delicious, fat-free cupcakes and cookies for your basket, along with some dried fruits and nuts. Other healthy alternatives can include items, such as fresh fruits, including apples, pears, berries, bananas, and grapefruits. For a delicious addition, place a few packets of trail mix into the gift basket, too. Finally, add some individual bags of organic herbal teas, and an aromatherapy candle.

What are some healthy gift options?

Healthy Foods Gift Basket

With so many people becoming more conscious about their diets, it only makes sense to create food gift baskets that are filled with natural and healthy foods. You can order or create a healthy foods gift basket with foods, such as mineral water, dried fruits, sesame breadsticks, popcorn, salsa, and tortilla chips. For those who are on a low carb diet, create a healthy gift basket stocked with foods, such as low carb pasta and sauce, low carb pancake mix and syrup, low carb chips, Atkins Diet foods, and low carb chocolate bars. Organic fruits and nuts are always healthy alternatives, and these make great food gift basket fillers.

What are some exotic fruits to give as a gift?

Fruit Gift Baskets

If you are looking for a healthy alternative and a great gift, why not order or create a fruit gift basket? Choose delicious fruits, such as Royal Riviera pears and apples, add a jar of strawberry or apple preserves, some wheat crackers and cheese spread, and you've got a perfect and delicious gift for any occasion. How about searching for the perfect fruit gift basket that is filled with organic exotic fruits, such as baby pineapples, red bananas, passion fruit, and a variety of melons? Combine a basket of delicious fruit with some gourmet chocolates, such as Godiva, Russell Stover, or Ghirardelli. Finally, top your fruit gift basket with a beautiful bow.

What foods are found in an organic gift basket?

Organic Gift Baskets

Health conscious friends and relatives will love receiving a gift basket filled with organic foods. Fill Organic Gift Baskets with organic fruits and nuts. Pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and cashews are always favorites. Delicious red apples, sweet California or Florida oranges, and an assortment of berries make excellent choices for an organic gift basket. Top off your basket with a variety of herbal teas, and your gift is sure to please everyone.


Cheese and Cracker Gift Baskets

While gift baskets filled with chocolates and other candies are always welcome, you can purchase or create gift baskets that are both delicious and healthy. Fill a gift basket with vegetable or wheat crackers, organic cheese, gourmet cheese spreads, and sausages. Other alternatives include sesame crackers, fancy almonds, and dried fruits. Place some herbal teas and mineral water into the gift basket, along with some mixed cracker and cheese packets, pretzels, and gourmet chocolate chip cookies.

What kind of gift basket should I give as a gift?

Snack Gift Baskets

Everyone gets the munchies occasionally. Satisfy those cravings with a snack gift basket full of healthy snack foods for any occasion. Give Snack Gift Baskets as a birthday or Christmas present, congratulatory gift, or as an offering of sympathy. Fill your snack gift basket with lots of salty nuts, cheese and crackers, cookies and small cakes, chocolate mints, and honey sticks. Add a selection of flavored coffees or herbal teas, wrap your gift basket in plastic wrap, and a few ribbons or a large, colorful bow for a great gift.

What are food gift baskets used for?

Food Gift Baskets

Food gift baskets make great gifts for just about any occasion. Food Gift Baskets run the gamut from organic fruit baskets to wine baskets, and lots of other selections in between. Food gift baskets are wonderful to give at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. They also can be given when it is time to express sympathy, such as the illness or death of a loved one. Food gift baskets can be ordered online or at local gift shops. You can create your own gift basket by purchasing a container and filling it with lots of treats.

What are some good, high fiber foods?

High Fiber Foods Gift Baskets

Promote a friend or relative's heart health by presenting him or her with a heart healthy, high fiber gift basket. This high fiber gift basket makes a great gift for almost any occasion. Choose food items, such as oatmeal, granola, and nuts. You can also add dried bean soup mixes, along with some delicious wheat crackers to the gift basket. Dried fruits such as dried blueberries, dried blackberries, and dried raspberries are yummy alternatives to the more fat filled chocolates and other candies. Show how much you care with a thoughtful, high fiber food gift basket.


Tea Gift Baskets

Are there any tea lovers in your life? If so, satisfy their thirst with Tea Gift Baskets full of flavored and herbal teas. Favorite teas include Earl Grey, lemon, orange spice, peach tea, green tea, and English or Scottish breakfast tea. For a great touch, place a small tea pot and a set of delicate cups and saucers into the tea gift basket. Finally, give your tea lover something to munch on with some tea biscuits and tea cookies, and add a small jar of honey, too.

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