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What should I put in a baby's first birthday gift basket?

Baby's First Birthday Gift Basket

Babies' first birthdays are times of celebrations. What better way to add to the celebration than with a custom, birthday gift basket? While baby may not fully understand what all the fuss is about, he'll simply love gift baskets that are full of birthday presents for him. For baby boys, gift baskets can include items, such as bath toys, cloth or board books, soft cars and trucks, balls, stuffed animals, hats, and bibs. For baby girls, birthday baskets can include bath toys, cloth or board books, soft dolls, stuffed animals, hats or bonnets, lacy socks, and bibs. Baby supplies such as wash cloths, hair bows, toiletries, wipes, and diapers can also be added. As a word of caution, make sure that all of the items which are placed in the gift basket are age appropriate. You certainly don't want to give any birthday gifts that might cause choking hazards to the baby.

What type of gift basket should I buy or make for my grandparent's birthday?

Grandparent's Birthday Gift Basket

Since grandparents can be difficult to buy for, gift baskets make the perfect birthday gift! You can fill the basket with lots of wonderful goodies, such as flavored coffees and teas, mixed nuts, chocolate covered cherries, nut bars, cookies, and gourmet candies. Sometimes Fruit Baskets are the way to go. Look for a variety of fruits, such as apples, oranges, bananas, berries, melons, pears, and anything else that might be in season. You can sprinkle unshelled nuts among the fruits, such as macadamia nuts, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and pecans. If your grandparent loves working with his or her hands or has a favorite hobby, then think about purchasing or creating a gift basket filled with tools, puzzles, idea books, sewing or crochet supplies, patterns, a reading light, fishing supplies, and/or a magnifying glass for a great birthday gift.

How can I make a chocolate lover's birthday gift basket?

Chocolate Lover's Birthday Gift Basket

Creating birthday Gift Baskets for chocolate lovers is easy! Purchase an inexpensive basket, and fill it with all sorts of chocolate goodies, such as Ghirardelli chocolates, Whitman's or Russell Stover's chocolates, or other chocolate goodies, like truffles, fudge, chocolate covered cherries or strawberries, etc. You can add some chocolate scented candles and a package of gourmet coffee. Wrap your basket in colored, plastic wrap, and top with a bow for a wonderful birthday gift!

What should I include in a child's birthday gift basket?

Child's Birthday Gift Basket

You can fill a child's birthday gift basket with lots of fun items that are sure to brighten his or her day! If you aren't comfortable with making your own basket, you can also have baskets custom made at local gift shops, or you can order a gift basket from the Internet. If you are filling a birthday basket for a younger child, you might want to design your basket around themes, such as stuffed animals, puzzles, bubbles, coloring books, toy cars, and play jewelry. For pre-teens and teens, gift baskets can be also focus on themes. Popular gift basket items include music, books, video games, movies, jewelry, toiletries, hair accessories, sports items, and sweet treats, such as candy and cookies. You can add balloons, colorful bows and/or ribbons to embellish the gift basket, too.

What should I put in a sweet and spicy birthday gift basket?

Sweet and Spicy Birthday Gift Baskets

Sweet and spicy gift baskets make perfect birthday gifts. For the sweet section of the basket, you can add chocolates, such as Ghirardelli's; cookies, such as macadamia nut; fudge, such as peanut butter or chocolate; and small cakes, such as angel food, pound cake, or lemon cake. For the spicy section of the gift basket, add spicy nuts, such as spiced peanuts or pecans; flavored coffees, such as cinnamon coffee; and flavored teas, such as a hot tea mix made with cinnamon, cloves, and powdered orange drink. You can also include some peppermints, cinnamon sticks, and a sweet or spicy scented candle. Wrap your gift basket with colored, plastic wrap, and top with a bow. What a wonderful birthday gift!

What should I place in a gourmet birthday gift basket?

Gourmet Birthday Gift Basket

Gourmet gift baskets make wonderful birthday gifts. When you are searching for a unique birthday gift, think food! You can create your own baskets or purchase gourmet Birthday Gift Baskets online. Gourmet birthday gift basket ideas can include coffee and teas, smoked salmon, sparkling cider, belgian chocolate, roasted almonds and candy. Organic gourmet baskets make great choices for birthday gifts. You can fill these with organic pastas and sauces, along with a good bottle of wine and some breadsticks.

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