Healthy Foods Gift Basket

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What are some healthy gift options?

Healthy Foods Gift Basket

With so many people becoming more conscious about their diets, it only makes sense to create food gift baskets that are filled with natural and healthy foods. You can order or create a healthy foods gift basket with foods, such as mineral water, dried fruits, sesame breadsticks, popcorn, salsa, and tortilla chips. For those who are on a low carb diet, create a healthy gift basket stocked with foods, such as low carb pasta and sauce, low carb pancake mix and syrup, low carb chips, Atkins Diet foods, and low carb chocolate bars. Organic fruits and nuts are always healthy alternatives, and these make great food gift basket fillers.



12/6/2006 9:35:34 PM
Geri said:

I think this tip is a fantastic one. That is why I am searching the web. I want to give a friend who has lost weight and is trying to maintain it by giving her special foods. Great tip!


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