Italian Gift Baskets

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What type of foods are found in an Italian gift basket?

Italian Gift Baskets

When you give an Italian gift basket as a present, you're giving a gift for the senses! You don't have to visit Tuscany to enjoy the wonderful flavors of Italy. Italian Gift Baskets make wonderful gifts for almost anyone. Whether you custom order your basket, or you design it yourself, you'll want to add some of the following foods. Start off your Italian gift basket with some delicious pasta sauces, including marinara, puttanesca, or arrabbiata. Then, add a variety of pastas, such as fettuccine, linguine, or bowtie to your gourmet Italian gift basket. Kalamata olives, garlic vinaigrette, and bread sticks are tasty additions. Be sure you add something sweet and chocolaty to the Italian gift basket, such as biscotti. In addition, you can purchase a lovely set of pasta bowls, too.



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