Baby's First Birthday Gift Basket

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What should I put in a baby's first birthday gift basket?

Baby's First Birthday Gift Basket

Babies' first birthdays are times of celebrations. What better way to add to the celebration than with a custom, birthday gift basket? While baby may not fully understand what all the fuss is about, he'll simply love gift baskets that are full of birthday presents for him. For baby boys, gift baskets can include items, such as bath toys, cloth or board books, soft cars and trucks, balls, stuffed animals, hats, and bibs. For baby girls, birthday baskets can include bath toys, cloth or board books, soft dolls, stuffed animals, hats or bonnets, lacy socks, and bibs. Baby supplies such as wash cloths, hair bows, toiletries, wipes, and diapers can also be added. As a word of caution, make sure that all of the items which are placed in the gift basket are age appropriate. You certainly don't want to give any birthday gifts that might cause choking hazards to the baby.



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