Tips for Creating an Online Gift Basket

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How Can I Decide What to Put in an Online Gift Basket?

Tips for Creating an Online Gift Basket

The Internet offers so many options for gift buying. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is custom designed online gift baskets. With so many products available to purchase, however, how do you decide what to place in your online gift basket? You need to consider several questions about the intended receiver of the gift basket.

* What is the occasion? Is the online gift basket for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas present, or job promotion? Is it to express your appreciation, or is it to express sympathy for an illness or death?
* What kind of hobbies does the person enjoy?
* What kind of foods does he or she prefer?
* What age is the person?

You also need to determine what type of container that you would like to send. There are many ideas if you are creating a gift basket at home, but if you are ordering one online, some of the most common ideas include the following:

* basket-wicker, wire, or bamboo in all sizes, shapes, and many colors
* bowls-ceramic, pottery, metal
* pots-flower pots, ceramic pots, pottery, metal
* platter-ceramic, plastic, tin, pottery
* bag-plastic, canvas
* waste basket-wicker, metal
* chest/jewelry box-wicker, metal, bamboo
* box-wicker, metal, bamboo

Once you can answer these questions, you should be able to create the perfect online gift basket.



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