Baby Shower Gift Baskets

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What are some alternative gift basket containers?

Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Instead of purchasing the traditional wicker basket, why not purchase a baby tub, playpen, or bassinet, and have guests fill this with all kinds of baby supplies? You could tie a few helium-filled balloons to the side of the tub, playpen, or bassinet, and attach a couple of large ribbons. Baby gift basket items could include diapers, baby supplies, clothing, wipe warmer, blankets, crib sheets, baby towels, bottles, pacifiers, and any other baby item that you might think of. You can actually create a baby gift basket around the large container that you choose. For example, if you are using a baby tub for your baby gift basket, add washcloths, towels, baby shampoos, and lotions. If you are using a bassinet, then add blankets, sheets, and maybe a stuffed animal or two. These baby gift baskets are sure to please anyone!



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