Gift Baskets for New Babies

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What items should go in a baby gift basket?

Gift Baskets for New Babies

Do you need a shower gift for a new baby? Parents-to-be love getting baby gift baskets! You can order one online, buy one at a local gift shop or baby specialty store, or create your own. Whether you're custom ordering a baby gift basket or designing one yourself, there are many items that you can include. Buy a big gift basket in pink, blue, yellow, lavender, or white, and fill it with diapers, wipes, diaper ointment, baby shampoos, baby lotions, bibs, onesie t-shirts, brush and comb set, baby thermometer, baby washcloths, and any other baby items that you choose. Decorate with a large bow, and you've just created a great baby gift basket and the perfect baby gift!



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